Markazia Toyota Sponsors Journey of Jordanian Mountaineer Bani Hani to Summit of Denali

Markazia Toyota Sponsors Journey of Jordanian Mountaineer Bani Hani to Summit of Denali

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Under the slogan ‘Start Your Impossible’

Amman, September 2018 - Stemming from its belief that transportation transcends cars to encompass the overcoming of challenges and achieving goals, Markazia Toyota sponsored the journey of young Jordanian mountaineer, Ahmad Bani Hani, to the peak of Denali mountain in Alaska - the highest summit in North America.

Through the sponsorship, Markazia Toyota aims to enable Bani Hani to realize his ambition to climb the highest Seven Summits in the world - a challenge for mountaineers around the globe given their altitude of 8,000 meters each (26,247 feet above sea level). This support is closely aligned with the ‘Start Your Impossible’ slogan, which was launched last year by Toyota Global to inspire members of society and encourage them to conquer difficulties in order to fulfill their aspirations.

“Bani Hani is a genuine Jordanian talent that deserves support, much like other worthy athletes throughout the Kingdom. As a transportation solutions provider - not solely a car dealer - we chose to support Bani Hani to embark on his journey to the Seven Summits in order to achieve the impossible,” commented Nadim Haddad, General Manager of Markazia Toyota. “Today, the ‘Start Your Impossible’ slogan has become a philosophy and a way of life that we encourage everyone - including employees, clients, and individuals - to adopt so as to overcome the adversities we encounter and fulfill our dreams,” he added.

Bani Hani has successfully climbed three of the Seven Summits - Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5,895 m), Mount Elbrus in Europe (5,642 m) and Aconcagua in South America (6,962 m). Faced by an extreme snowstorm and harsh weather conditions, the Bani Hani team was forced to descend from Denali (5,800 m).




Ramadan 2016

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Al-Markazia launches its annual Ramadan campaign distinctive discounts and promotions on new Toyota models
Amman, Jordan, June 2016: As part of its yearly tradition during the holy month, Al-Markazia, the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan, launched its annual Ramadan campaign, which includes a wide range of promotions and discounted prices on Toyota’s new models. This campaign comes as part of Al-Markazia’s strategy and its commitment to provide the best services and promotions to its customers. It ensures that they can enjoy the latest models from Toyota, which constitute the perfect choice for a wide segment of the Jordanians.
Commenting on the launch of the annual Ramadan campaign in the Toyota showrooms, the Sales and Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager at Al-Markazia Nadim Haddad, said: “Our congratulations go to our customers and to the Jordanian people for the arrival of Ramadan. Every year, Al-Markazia celebrates the holy month with its customers through the launch of the annual Ramadan campaign, a campaign that offers many promotions and discounts on Toyota models. Al-Markazia is determined to mold a true partnership with its customers and the community it serves by joining them in celebrating all occasions and events, especially this month, which is full of blessings. Ramadan is so special because it brings together all segments of the community in faith and kindness. ”
Annual promotions from Al-Markazia’s annual Ramadan campaign include discounts on all Toyota models, most notably: Rav 4 Hybrid, Fortuner, Corolla and Yaris hatchback and Camry Hybrid and Yaris sedan. All discounted prices include registration and licensing. Al-Markazia also welcomes its customers after Iftar in its showrooms to provide prompt service during the holy month.


Nemr Abou Nassar

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Al-Markazia hosts the Star Standup Comedian Nemr Abou Nassar in the Kingdom of Jordan Spreading a spirit of positivity and interaction with global comedic art


Amman, Jordan April 2016: Al-Markazia, the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan, hosted the Lebanese/American standup comedian Nemr Abou Nassar, as part of his tour which kicked off in the United States and will continue to include, besides Amman, a number of Arab countries. The event, which was hosted at the Royal Cultural Palace in Amman, was co-organized by the company “Band across Borders”, and came within the framework of #ToyotaComedy. Through this platform, Al-Markazia has been keen on embracing and supporting different arts, especially comedy and standup comedy, in order to spread a spirit of positivity among the Jordanian people, and the youth in particular. Toyota Comedy utilizes humor and entertainment to shed light on many important issues in Jordanian society.
The event constituted the perfect opportunity for local comedians and talents to interact with Abou Nassar and benefit from his international experience. After all this is central to Toyota Comedy’s strategy, which focuses on hosting international artists and Standup Comedians in Jordan.
The Sales and Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager at Al-Markazia Nadim Haddad commented on the event saying: “AL-Markazia is completely determined, through its #ToyotaComedy platform to support comedic arts and to improve the Jordanian art scene in general, by hosting bands and international stars and allowing them to interact with local talents. We aspire to ensure that Jordanians, especially the younger generations, are acquainted with all arts, comedy and standup comedy in particular. After all, this kind of art mimics the style of the youth in terms of their preferred means of self-expression”.

Al-Markazia held three interactive contests with the audience before the event started. It also provided an opportunity for the audience to discover the new RAV 4 by Toyota, which was displayed in the reception hall. Car lovers were given an opportunity to take a closer look at the latest model of Hybrid cars and its special features.


Amman New York Fusion

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Al-Markazia sponsored the AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION ceremony Uplifting the Jordanian art scene and its openness to global arts

Amman, Jordan April 2016: Al-Markazia, the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan, sponsored the AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION musical concert, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Jordan. The ceremony offered a unique combination between Arab and foreign bands; from Amman were violinist Yarub Smarait and Al-Murabba’ band and from New York, the New York Gypsy All Stars Band. The event was held at the Royal Cultural Palace in the sports city.
Al-Markazia’s sponsorship for this event is part of its corporate social responsibility program, “Toyota Live”, which aims to provide support for local and international music festivals that are hosted in the Kingdom. It also hopes to disseminate a culture and appreciation for music among the youth giving them the opportunity to be in touch with the world and to be open to its musical and cultural diversity.
The Sales and Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager at Al- Markaiza Nadim Haddad commented on this sponsorship, saying: “At Al-Markazia we are keen to provide support for all talents and young bands. The AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION ceremony presents a unique opportunity for cultural interaction, blending Arabic with Western music and presenting them to the Jordanian public. It also paved the way for the Jordanian teams to benefit from the international talents and experts participating in this ceremony, through the provision of joint work on stage. Al-Markazia, through its two platforms “Toyota Live” and “Toyota Comedy” speaks to the younger generations by using their own language of both music and comedy. It aspires to build a partnership with them which can only be reinforced by continuously listening to their needs and embracing their artistic energies and talents. By supporting their abilities in music, comedy and other areas, Al-Markazia hopes to elevate arts of all kinds in the kingdom of Jordan.
The AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION musical concert included individual performances for each band. By the end, the three bands came together with a joint performance that was a mix of jazz, rock, eastern and gypsy music. This presentation was applauded by the audience, who danced to the beautiful blend of both Arabic and Western melodies.


Dream Car Art Contest 2016 Finalists

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Amman, Jordan March 2016: Al-Markazia, the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan, hosted a ceremony in honor of the talents who participated in the local version of the talent contest “Draw your dream car”, which witnessed the announcement of the nine winners who qualify to participate in the annual global version organized by Toyota Motor Corporations “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest” in Japan.

The ceremony, which took place in Al-Markazia showrooms in Mecca Street in Amman, was attended by a number of managers and employees from the Company, the participating students and their families, as well as representatives from the partaking public and private schools. Honorary certificates and prizes for the nine winners were distributed based on three age groups. In the first category, which includes those of 8 years of age or younger, was won by Mohammad Al-Sadeq, followed in second place by Yumna Hanbali and in third place by Sama Ka’awach. The second age category, which is from 8 to 11 years, was won by Lama Al-Haj followed by Sama Sleiby in second place and Talia Abu Ayyash in third. In the third age group, which is from 12 to 15 years, Mohsen Zoubaie came in first place followed by Mira Atari in second place, and Kira Yaghnam in third.

The Sales and Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager at Al-Markazia Nadim Haddad congratulated the winners of the talent contest. He said, “Congratulations to the winners and all the talented students who demonstrated a great deal of creativity and artistic abilities. We promise to stand by them, offer our support in order to develop their talents and encourage them by providing them with the opportunities to present their ideas, dreams and creations to the world. This is at the very heart of our strategy at Al-Markazia, and an essential part of our corporate social responsibility program. It reinforces our commitment to the Jordanian community and our dedication to continue to support the younger generations. ”

“Draw your dream car”, which was launched by Toyota Motors Corporation in 2004, constitutes an art festival for children through which they get to present artworks that embody the car of the future or the car of their dreams. Their wide imaginations inspire fantastic hand drawn art. Al-Markazia is keen on having the children of the Kingdom participate in this international competition by organizing a local version, and helping the winners to compete in the final stage of the global contest.

The Global contest was launched in September 2015, while Al-Markazia launched a local copy on the third of January in 2016. The Jordanian talents participating were given a deadline for submitting their drawings, through which they should showcase their talents and creativity. The nine winners will participate in the finals which will be held in Japan during the month of August.





About Al-Markazia:

Al-Markazia is the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan. Since 1999 it has established itself as a leading company in Automobile sales, services and spare parts with 5 dealers spread over the Kingdom. Al-Markazia reached out to Jordanians as partners, and to their youth as motivators whose growth and success reflect that of the company. Thus, building a CSR program and a strategic approach that is grounded in the community is what makes Al-Markazia more than a distributor but an effective corporation that works for the betterment of society.

Being Toyota’s sole distributor requires a solid value system that includes value for money, safety, quality, innovation and environmental responsibility. Al-Markazia translated these values into measurable actions by applying ecofriendly solutions such as installing a photovoltaic system on its roof tops, providing Jordanians with superior after sale services and situating the customer at the center of every strategic or tactical approach.


#ToyotaLive embraces Blissteria

Events & Sponsorships

Amman, Jordan, October 2015: Within the “Toyota Live” platform, Al-Markazia (CTA), the sole distributor of Toyota in Jordan, sponsored the art event “Blissteria” which brought together a variety of comedic and musical activities. It was hosted by the Royal Cultural Palace in Amman on the thirty first of October 2015. “Toyota Live” is a distinctive arts, comedy and creative platform through which Al-Markazia (CTA), sponsors and embraces the arts in their different forms, offering its support to the youth and promising Jordanian talents, especially those that are establishing themselves on both local and regional levels.

To maximize engagement, Al-Markazia (CTA) utilized the “Toyota Live” platform to interact with the guests even before the beginning of the show. They hosted a fun contest titled “Sing A Joke,” which combined both comedy and music. The contest was a delightful experience that maximized engagement and led to significant interaction among the participants. Furthermore, the Toyota “Yaris” was put on display, also ensuring an interactive environment especially since it provided an opportunity for the guests to discover the car and its special features.

“Blissteria”’s shows varied between comedy, music and standup comedy with the participation of a number of renowned comedic and musical stars. Most notable were the Standup Comedian Uday Khalifa, the musical bands Autostrad and Qabela, in addition to the international comedian Maz Jobrani. In fact, Jobrani’s participation alongside the young artists was a motivational and memorable experience, especially since they took the opportunity to benefit from his know-how, develop their abilities and hone their talents.

Al-Markazia (CTA) believes that this partnership accentuates the company’s profound dedication to support young talents and develop their artistic abilities. The company promises that “Toyota Live” will continue to embrace similar events that offer a diverse set of arts, whether they are cultural, musical, comedic or any other kind, as long as they contribute to the development of cultural awareness and open up new horizons for young Jordanians. Al-Markazia (CTA) considers communicating with the Jordanian youth crucial to understand their needs and meet their aspirations. Sponsoring this event is one communication channel that brings Al-Markazia (CTA) and the youth closer together, allowing them to build a progressive and successful partnership that reflects positively on the whole nation.


Toyota Corolla Generation Test

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For the launch of the all-new 2013 Toyota Corolla, we set up a photo booth at Taj Lifestyle Center for visitors to find out which generation of the Toyota Corolla suits their personality!

By answering a few questions within the photo booth, users were able to create their very own custom-made Christmas post cards with their images and corresponding themes that were different based on their answers to the questions. The application within the photo booth was able to depict if you belonged to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s or 2010’s generation of Corolla drivers.

We then held a competition based on the number of shares that were achieved on users’ images. The shares on the images in total were above 80,000 in total and an iPad was given away to the winner!

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Nemr Abou Nassar Live in Amman!

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A comedy series created by Toyota featuring Nemr Abou Nassar in his new tour U.F.O

in partnership with Play 99.6 and Produced by Bands AcrossBorders (BAB).

This is the first of many comedy shows to come from Toyota. We guarantee laughs and bringing a new kind of events series to Jordan!


Our 3rd Annual 4×4 Event

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We hosted a gathering event for 4×4 lovers around from all around Jordan. This event was divided into two routes for our passionate drivers to enjoy – A family route and an adventure route.

A route for families that provides a fun, game-filled atmosphere in and out of the car. With challenges for everyone in the car, we guaranteed to keep the rear-seat-nagging to a minimum.A route for adventure lovers that prefer to explore independently and test the spectacular prowess of their 4x4s.