#ToyotaLive embraces Blissteria

Events & Sponsorships

Amman, Jordan, October 2015: Within the “Toyota Live” platform, Al-Markazia (CTA), the sole distributor of Toyota in Jordan, sponsored the art event “Blissteria” which brought together a variety of comedic and musical activities. It was hosted by the Royal Cultural Palace in Amman on the thirty first of October 2015. “Toyota Live” is a distinctive arts, comedy and creative platform through which Al-Markazia (CTA), sponsors and embraces the arts in their different forms, offering its support to the youth and promising Jordanian talents, especially those that are establishing themselves on both local and regional levels.

To maximize engagement, Al-Markazia (CTA) utilized the “Toyota Live” platform to interact with the guests even before the beginning of the show. They hosted a fun contest titled “Sing A Joke,” which combined both comedy and music. The contest was a delightful experience that maximized engagement and led to significant interaction among the participants. Furthermore, the Toyota “Yaris” was put on display, also ensuring an interactive environment especially since it provided an opportunity for the guests to discover the car and its special features.

“Blissteria”’s shows varied between comedy, music and standup comedy with the participation of a number of renowned comedic and musical stars. Most notable were the Standup Comedian Uday Khalifa, the musical bands Autostrad and Qabela, in addition to the international comedian Maz Jobrani. In fact, Jobrani’s participation alongside the young artists was a motivational and memorable experience, especially since they took the opportunity to benefit from his know-how, develop their abilities and hone their talents.

Al-Markazia (CTA) believes that this partnership accentuates the company’s profound dedication to support young talents and develop their artistic abilities. The company promises that “Toyota Live” will continue to embrace similar events that offer a diverse set of arts, whether they are cultural, musical, comedic or any other kind, as long as they contribute to the development of cultural awareness and open up new horizons for young Jordanians. Al-Markazia (CTA) considers communicating with the Jordanian youth crucial to understand their needs and meet their aspirations. Sponsoring this event is one communication channel that brings Al-Markazia (CTA) and the youth closer together, allowing them to build a progressive and successful partnership that reflects positively on the whole nation.