Markazia Toyota Sponsors Journey of Jordanian Mountaineer Bani Hani to Summit of Denali

Markazia Toyota Sponsors Journey of Jordanian Mountaineer Bani Hani to Summit of Denali

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Under the slogan ‘Start Your Impossible’

Amman, September 2018 - Stemming from its belief that transportation transcends cars to encompass the overcoming of challenges and achieving goals, Markazia Toyota sponsored the journey of young Jordanian mountaineer, Ahmad Bani Hani, to the peak of Denali mountain in Alaska - the highest summit in North America.

Through the sponsorship, Markazia Toyota aims to enable Bani Hani to realize his ambition to climb the highest Seven Summits in the world - a challenge for mountaineers around the globe given their altitude of 8,000 meters each (26,247 feet above sea level). This support is closely aligned with the ‘Start Your Impossible’ slogan, which was launched last year by Toyota Global to inspire members of society and encourage them to conquer difficulties in order to fulfill their aspirations.

“Bani Hani is a genuine Jordanian talent that deserves support, much like other worthy athletes throughout the Kingdom. As a transportation solutions provider - not solely a car dealer - we chose to support Bani Hani to embark on his journey to the Seven Summits in order to achieve the impossible,” commented Nadim Haddad, General Manager of Markazia Toyota. “Today, the ‘Start Your Impossible’ slogan has become a philosophy and a way of life that we encourage everyone - including employees, clients, and individuals - to adopt so as to overcome the adversities we encounter and fulfill our dreams,” he added.

Bani Hani has successfully climbed three of the Seven Summits - Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (5,895 m), Mount Elbrus in Europe (5,642 m) and Aconcagua in South America (6,962 m). Faced by an extreme snowstorm and harsh weather conditions, the Bani Hani team was forced to descend from Denali (5,800 m).