Amman New York Fusion

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Al-Markazia sponsored the AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION ceremony Uplifting the Jordanian art scene and its openness to global arts

Amman, Jordan April 2016: Al-Markazia, the sole distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Hino trucks in Jordan, sponsored the AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION musical concert, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Jordan. The ceremony offered a unique combination between Arab and foreign bands; from Amman were violinist Yarub Smarait and Al-Murabba’ band and from New York, the New York Gypsy All Stars Band. The event was held at the Royal Cultural Palace in the sports city.
Al-Markazia’s sponsorship for this event is part of its corporate social responsibility program, “Toyota Live”, which aims to provide support for local and international music festivals that are hosted in the Kingdom. It also hopes to disseminate a culture and appreciation for music among the youth giving them the opportunity to be in touch with the world and to be open to its musical and cultural diversity.
The Sales and Marketing Director and Deputy General Manager at Al- Markaiza Nadim Haddad commented on this sponsorship, saying: “At Al-Markazia we are keen to provide support for all talents and young bands. The AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION ceremony presents a unique opportunity for cultural interaction, blending Arabic with Western music and presenting them to the Jordanian public. It also paved the way for the Jordanian teams to benefit from the international talents and experts participating in this ceremony, through the provision of joint work on stage. Al-Markazia, through its two platforms “Toyota Live” and “Toyota Comedy” speaks to the younger generations by using their own language of both music and comedy. It aspires to build a partnership with them which can only be reinforced by continuously listening to their needs and embracing their artistic energies and talents. By supporting their abilities in music, comedy and other areas, Al-Markazia hopes to elevate arts of all kinds in the kingdom of Jordan.
The AMMAN NEW YORK FUSION musical concert included individual performances for each band. By the end, the three bands came together with a joint performance that was a mix of jazz, rock, eastern and gypsy music. This presentation was applauded by the audience, who danced to the beautiful blend of both Arabic and Western melodies.