CTA Uses Photovoltaic Panels in its Headquarters


As part of an agreement signed with Jordan’s leading solar energy solutions company Mustakbal Clean Tech, Central Trade and Auto Company (CTA), the exclusive dealer for Toyota in the Kingdom, is now using photovoltaic panels at its showroom.

More specifically, Mustakbal Clean Tech had installed a 270Wp solar system within CTA’s headquarters. This system is estimated to produce an average of 111,375 kWh of electricity per year with 48% energy saving.

“We have always been advocates of greener practices at CTA,” explained CTA’s Marketing Manager Mr. Nadim Haddad. “By adopting such systems within our operations we are relieving our environment from the impact of carbon dioxide emissions usually released from traditional energy sources. Such practices fall in line with our long term CSR strategy, which is aimed at sustaining the Kingdom’s natural resources and consequently steering environmental development forward. With this system, our headquarters will be transformed into a green building exemplary of true environmental awareness,” he added.

Photovoltaic generated solar energy is both clean and renewable. It does not pollute or consume natural resources. Over the next 20 years such a system is set to prevent approx 1,677 tons of carbon dioxide – also known as the leading cause of global warming emissions – from entering the atmosphere annually.

CTA is an environmentally conscious corporation, placing greener practices at the core of its corporate culture. The company is an advocate of environmental reform, believing that a sounder environment will ensure a brighter future for generations to come.