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Markazia Toyota Contributes to Development of Al-Salt Park for Children


Underscoring efforts to support the local community and protect the environment

Amman, September 2018 - In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs relating to environment conservation, Markazia Toyota extended support to Al-Salt Park for Children, which falls under the Musa Al Saket Cultural Center in Balqa Governorate. The venue was recently established by the Musa Al Saket Development Organization to serve members of the local community.

Markazia Toyota contributed to the construction of a new play area - spanning approximately 2,400 sqm - and covered bare zones with artificial turf. These efforts are part of the Company’s goal to create a safe place for children and their families to spend their free time within a healthy and eco-friendly setting.

“We are delighted to lend our support to vital facilities that allow children to enhance their physical, cognitive and social skills through play within a safe atmosphere. Such initiatives also increase the number of green spaces in the region - in alignment with our environmental responsibility - while further cementing our standing as a proud Jordanian company that positively impacts the local community,” commented Nadim Haddad, General Manager of Markazia Toyota.

Markazia Toyota Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Environment to Launch Year-Round Awareness Campaign

Markazia Toyota Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Environment to Launch Year-Round Awareness Campaign


Underscoring efforts to mitigate waste littering

Amman, September 2018 - As part of its commitment to protecting and sustaining the local environment, Markazia Toyota signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Environment (MoE) to organize an awareness campaign aimed at preventing waste littering in public spaces and from vehicles. The MoU was inked on Sunday 9 September 2018, by the Minister of Environment Nayef Fayez and Markazia General Manager Nadim Haddad at the MoE.   

The year-round campaign - which may be renewed - falls under the awareness plan implemented by the MoE to reduce waste littering; a major challenge facing Jordan that requires the cooperation of all involved parties. Supporting the campaign is closely aligned with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy adopted by Markazia Toyota to pave the way for a safer, more empowered and more environmentally conscious nation.   

“With eco-friendly practices at the core of our operations, we were adamant to join this initiative and actively contribute to combating this pressing issue, which adversely impacts our environmental resources and causes pollution. At Markazia Toyota, we firmly believe in the vital role of collaboration between the public and private sectors to address any obstacles that may hinder the development of our nation, and consider serving and advancing our community at the forefront of our responsibilities,” commented Haddad.  


Toyota Dream Car Art Contest


About the Contest


Since 2004, Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been conducted as part of TMC’s social contribution initiatives. It gives children throughout the world the opportunity to develop an interest in cars and helps them feel the joy and importance of having a dream.



Toyota Dream Car Art Contest invites children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. We at Toyota believe in nurturing the creativity of the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers. Every great idea was born in the glimmer of a dream.


What is Toyota Dream Car Art Contest?

Demands respect
at every corner.



Entry Information

How will your dream car make the world a better place? Every year thousands of children share their dreams with us. Join them and discover just how powerful dreaming can be. Remember, the National Contest is followed by the World Contest. The participants can win great prizes locally, get opportunity to visit Japan for an Award Ceremony. In addition, young dreamers are given tours at a Toyota factory and can experience various aspects of Japanese culture.


Entry Guidelines

Entry period September 2014 – end of March 2015.
The 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is opened.
Eligibility The contest is open to anyone in these countries, aged 15 years old or younger.
Age categories 7 years old and under; 8-11 years old; 12-15 years old.
Theme “Your Dream Car”


What can I use to

create my artwork? You can use any standard drawing medium you like. Perhaps you could try coloring pencils, crayons, watercolors or markers Our only restriction is that you don’t use digital tools to create your artwork.
Your task We’re looking for hand-drawn colorful artwork, which shows “Your Dream Car”. Remember to include a background that supports your idea. Your picture could be seen all over the world, so make sure people from different cultures will be able to understand it.
Artwork size Please try and use A3 paper for your artwork (that’s 420 x 297mm). If you can’t get a piece of A3 paper, between 420-450mm (16.5-18in) and 270-300mm (11-12in) is fine.


CTA Celebrates Earth Hour


Central Trade and Auto Company (CTA) – the exclusive dealer for Toyota vehicles in the Kingdom – took part in the global “Earth Hour” celebrations of March 29th 2014, switching off all electrical lights in its Mecca Street showroom for one hour. This effort was made as part of the company’s ongoing aim to contribute to environmental sustainability.

As an alternative light source during this time, CTA lit candles, aiming to highlight the need to address climate change and global warming. Adding a festive feel to the event, CTA offered great discounts on Toyota models to those who had participated in the event.

 “We celebrate Earth Hour every year, reinforcing our belief in the importance of raising environmental awareness levels amongst the masses,” said Marketing Manager of CTA, Nadim Haddad, “we always encourage the use of renewable energy sources, as well as a culture of environmental preservation among Jordanians.”

Mr. Haddad further added that he was happy to see many participants taking part in this event, and that the discounts CTA had offered to showroom visitors are a token of appreciation for their environmental efforts and their contribution to sustainable development.

CTA supports initiatives that are geared towards preserving the environment and passing along a healthy planet to future generations.


CTA Uses Photovoltaic Panels in its Headquarters


As part of an agreement signed with Jordan’s leading solar energy solutions company Mustakbal Clean Tech, Central Trade and Auto Company (CTA), the exclusive dealer for Toyota in the Kingdom, is now using photovoltaic panels at its showroom.

More specifically, Mustakbal Clean Tech had installed a 270Wp solar system within CTA’s headquarters. This system is estimated to produce an average of 111,375 kWh of electricity per year with 48% energy saving.

“We have always been advocates of greener practices at CTA,” explained CTA’s Marketing Manager Mr. Nadim Haddad. “By adopting such systems within our operations we are relieving our environment from the impact of carbon dioxide emissions usually released from traditional energy sources. Such practices fall in line with our long term CSR strategy, which is aimed at sustaining the Kingdom’s natural resources and consequently steering environmental development forward. With this system, our headquarters will be transformed into a green building exemplary of true environmental awareness,” he added.

Photovoltaic generated solar energy is both clean and renewable. It does not pollute or consume natural resources. Over the next 20 years such a system is set to prevent approx 1,677 tons of carbon dioxide – also known as the leading cause of global warming emissions – from entering the atmosphere annually.

CTA is an environmentally conscious corporation, placing greener practices at the core of its corporate culture. The company is an advocate of environmental reform, believing that a sounder environment will ensure a brighter future for generations to come.


In Celebration of Mother’s Day CTA Honors Women Working at the Orphan Welfare Association


Celebrating Mothers’ Day and voicing its high regard and recognition for working mothers in Jordan,Central Trade and Auto Company (CTA), the exclusive dealer for Toyota in the Kingdom, recently honored the mothers working at the Orphan Welfare Association.

This celebration fell in line with CTA’s corporate culture, a culture that places high regard for women, and that appreciates the efforts they make to build proactive future generations of youth capable of spearheading positive change. On this occasion, CTA chose to especially honor those women who are providing care for orphans, realizing that this segment of the community is in need of extra care. On this occasion, the company especially recognized the role these women play in contribution to national social and human developmental efforts.

At the end of the celebration, Dina Al Asad from CTA’s Marketing Department distributed gifts and certificates of appreciation to the women working at the Orphan Welfare Association, thanking them wholeheartedly for their hard work and dedication.

It is worth noting that CTA places women empowerment at the forefront of its priorities, launching initiatives geared towards empowering women on its team and women in the community at large.


CTA sponsors Mohammad Tayyem, winner of the Bronze medal in the National Table Tennis Championship for the Physically Impaired


As part of its commitment to supporting the Kingdom’s special needs segment and their various sports initiatives, CTA — the exclusive Toyota dealers in the Kingdom — recently sponsored table tennis champion Mohammad Tayyem during his participation in the fifth National Table Tennis Championship for the Physically Impaired, which recently launched under the patronage of HRH Prince Ra’ed Bin Zaid, the Chairman of the Jordanian Paralympics Committee.


The championship featured the participation of 75 players from 13 different countries, including Russia, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Switzerland, Taipei, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan.


Tayyem received the Bronze Medal for the 6-8 men’s category, taking the total number of medals won by the Jordanian National Table Tennis Team for the Physically Impaired to an impressive 14 medals.


Commenting on this sponsorship, CTA’s Marketing Manager Nadim Haddad expressed his great pride at Tayyem’s remarkable performance, whose contribution to the Kindgom’s table tennis scene over the years has been stupendous. He explained that CTA’s participation in this event stems from its longstanding commitment to the success of Jordan’s sports sector and its continued efforts toward investing in the talents of the Kingdom’s youth in order to help them realize their full potential.